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Lea Chee

Birth Assistant

Lea Che.png

As a birth assistant, Lea is professionally trained in providing a safe and positive environment for moms to have a successful delivery in the comfort of their own home.

With a background in Integrative Neuroscience from SUNY Binghamton, she has a strong foundation in sciences and an overall interest in women’s health. She is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer.


Lea plays an active role on the birth team. She offers emotional support to laboring moms and their partners. Another fundamental part of her role is to provide efficient, timely and effective clinical triage. Her medical duties include maternal vital signs, intermittent fetal heart monitoring, labor support, monitoring and documenting maternal intake and output such as staying hydrated, proper nutrition, void, starting IVs, venipuncture, administering homeopathic medication, setting-up supplies and instruments for birth. She assists the midwife in neonatal care including newborn exam, skin-to-skin care, and breastfeeding. She is also there to capture the power and strength of women, and the beauty of home birth/ water birth.


Her vision is to make sure every woman has the care and knowledge they need to lead a full and healthy life with her new baby. Her goal is to make sure moms and their families feel like they are in good hands throughout the amazing experience of birth.

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