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Breastfeeding Class

TLC midwife service believe that breastfeeding is the optimal feeding method for almost all babies.  In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics concur and state that, “breastfeeding and the use of human milk confer unique nutritional and non nutritional benefits to the infant and the mother and, in turn, optimize infant, child, and adult health as well as child growth and development. Recently, published evidence-based studies have confirmed and quantitated the risks of not breastfeeding. Thus, infant feeding should not be considered as a lifestyle choice but rather as a basic health issue. As such, the pediatrician’s role in advocating and supporting proper breastfeeding practices is essential and vital for the achievement of this preferred public health goal”  Eidelman, A. & Schenler, R. “Executive Summary Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk.”  PEDIATRICS Volume 129, Number 3, March 2012. All classes will be teach by midwife or certified lactation consultants. 

Prenatal Breast feeding Classes

Breastfeeding classes will be held once a month usually first Sunday of each month. Both new expecting parents are encourage to come together or expecting mother can come with a friend or family whom are they main postpartum care giver. Classes are limited to 4 moms to ensure quality. Refreshment will be provided. Each couple will be charge $350 for a 3 hours class. This include a 7 days phone consultation after you delivery date free of charge as a gift from us to you.  To schedule or inquire more about the schedule and if you have some diary restriction email us ahead of time.  For private classes email us to schedule and for pricing. 

Postpartum Breastfeeding supporting Classes

This is a great option for new moms with any breast feeding concerns from latching or just want extra support or confirmation if baby is eating enough or want to just hang out with other moms and babies and breastfeeding today. All moms and babies are welcome. Refreshment will be provided. Usually it's a 3 hours group class of $ 150/ mom+baby. If you took our breastfeeding class during your prenatal period there will be a discount of $50 OFF from original price. Class is usually limited to 6 pairs mom and baby to ensure quality of the class. Email us for more questions about classes and private 1-1 consultation and home visit support are also available. 

call or email to schedule for breastfeeding class @ 347-941-0186 or

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