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Lactation consultation

TLC midwife service believe that breastfeeding is the optimal feeding method for all babies.  Breastfeeding not only benefit babies but their mother. 


Breastfeeding Classes/ 1-1 Lactation support

Most our clients desire our help in getting off to a good start in breastfeeding their babies.  Although breastfeeding is one of the best food for your child, the process however can sometime to really challenging. We wish to assist our clients with the initiation and continuation of breastfeeding, and we do so through:

  • Educating women throughout pregnancy about the benefits of breastfeeding

  • Offering  breastfeeding class taught by CLC  or IBCLC -Schedule TBA

  • Helping and preparing women to have a natural birth which highly improves babies sucess at the breast

  • in case of more complicated birth, we are dedicated in assisting with the initiation and continuation of breastfeeding for our clients 

  • We also offer to visit  clients  in the hospital/birthing center to assist with breastfeeding.  Lactation consultants are also available for home visit at a discounted rate for our client.


We offer lactation counseling with no extra out-of-pocket costs to our own clients within the 6 weeks Postpartum time and a reasonable fee only for time after. This service is also available to others who is seeking lactation support. 

For more information call or email us anytime for free consultation

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