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Birthing Options

What is birth? 

Birthing is a physiology process however expecting mothers will still need proper support and guides. TLC midwifery services and staffs strive to achieve this goal. We want to help new parents to create an unforgettable moments.

For new parents it is really important to explore different birthing options available around their area and what fit their needs. 

Hospital births:

TLC midwifery Service can offer how to prepare for hospital birth on consultation visit. 

Out of Hospital Birth Options: Birthing Center vs Homebirth

What is Birthing Center Birth?

Birthing center is a free standing birthing facility in New York City. They offer high-quality, family-centered care, allowing low-risk clients to birth in a calm, home-like environment. Usually birthing center 

They strive to create a birthing environment that is comfortable for the client and support team members. The birthing suites are spacious enough to accommodate partners, relatives, doulas, and friends. They also have a cozy family room- equipped with a pull-out sofa, refrigerator, microwave, and toys- where support team members can relax if the laboring client desires more space or privacy. Children are welcome at birthing center, as long as an  adult is available to look after them.

In birthing center there is private shower and the option of birthing pool. Many of our clients use the birthing tub for relaxation and pain relief during labor or even chooses to birth in the birthing pool. If any questions schedule a birth options consultation. 

What is Homebirth?

Homebirth is an option available to low risk clients that provide more freedom for women who wants less interventions and an out of hospital birth experience. Home Birth allows for the natural progression of labor without the disruption of car rides, hospital procedures, and policies.  More and more women is choosing home birth as an birthing option.  Homebirth rate in the U.S. has increased.   Giving birth at home allows women the ability to labor and deliver in a comfortable and familiar environment.  Home birth encourages and allows fathers to be very involved intimately  in the birth of their child. We also offer option for home water births.


Who can have a homebirth or birthing center birth?

What is consider low risk :

  • No medical illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes

  • No developing complications during pregnancy such as uncontrolled gestational diabetes or severe anemia

  • Live less than 30 minutes from a hospital

  • Have an adequate social support system

  • Have a safe home environment

  • Live a very healthy pregnancy lifestyle

  • Appropriate weight gain during the pregnancy


Is homebirth or birthing center birth safe ?

A really common common question clients have, however you don't need to worry. You will be care for by a great team of midwife and experience birth assists. All homebirth client will be evaluate carefully to ensure a secure and safe birthing experience at their own home. All homebirth clients are asked to attend a childbirth class prior birth to prepare them better for the birthing process. The possibilities and questions client has will be address at each prenatal visits at the comfort of their home. Midwife will have medical supplies like IV fluid, oxygen and medications at every birth. However, in a true emergency we would transfer to the nearest hospital. Detail transfer plan in the case of emergency will be discussed during our prenatal visits. Following a homebirth , we will visit you twice at your home for portpartum check up usually at 1st and 6th weeks after birth. While we can not eliminate every possible risks of birth, we acknowledge that the healthier a woman and her pregnancy, the less likely a complication is to arise.

Call or email us for further questions 

Do we take insurance?

At TLC Midwifery Service, we want to work with your insurance company; however it's important to understand that your midwife will be considered "out of network." We also offer discounts and payment plans for self-pay clients. Since there are countless insurance companies and healthcare plans and each one is unique with its own regulations verifying your benefits is a critical first step to understanding your benefits and planning for your financial obligations. Katie Baker is our practice biller and she is extremely good at getting coverage for our clients. You will be required to verify your health insurance benefits with Katie Baker at or call via Phone: 646-389-3186

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